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Pet Sitting Macon, GA
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My husband Joey, and I both work for Mercer University and own a home In Beall's Hill minutes from campus with a large fenced in backyard and dog door. We have 4 dogs of our own, Boomer a 15 yr old Jack Russell Terrier, Kady a 10 yr old Boxer/Pit mix, Coraline a 3 yr old Lab mix, and Serenity a 5ish yr old pit mix. Our house is pet friendly with gates to keep dogs out of off limit areas during the day and free run of the house during the evening when we are home. We have a dog room with plenty of comfy pet beds so your furry family member can snuggle in at bedtime.  

I grew up with dogs of all breeds and after moving away from home I got my first 2 min pins at 19. That was when my real passion for animal care began and I was the go to for friends when they needed pet care. After years of helping friends I see there is a need for more personalized services in Middle GA and it was time to take this from a hobby to offering professional services to other owners like myself who want and expect high quality affordable care. I offer several services to best fit all your furry family members needs. Click on the Services tab for more detailed descriptions of 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting's services. 

3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting is licensed and insured. 

Experience and Training:

Elderly dogs and medication administration

Animal Behavior Training

Pet First Aid Training

Raw Feeding Friendly