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Terms and Conditions of Service

Scheduling Policy

  • See the Book Online tab above

    • For first time clients a meet and greet will be scheduled before services are confirmed

Cancellation Policy

  • Non-holiday –

    • Visits cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the rate of one visit. Visits cancelled with at least 24 hours notice will result in a credit applied to future pet sitting visits. No refunds will be given.

    • Overnight Visits-you must provide a 7 day notice from the start of the appointment to cancel any or all overnight visits. No credits or refunds will be give if overnights are cancelled after the 7 day notice period from the start of the appointment.

  • Holidays –

    • All reservations over the holiday periods require a 7 day cancellation notice prior to the start of service. No credits or refunds will be given if visits are cancelled within an appointment without a 7 day notice from the start of that appointment.

    • Holiday Overnight Visits – you must provide a 3 week notice from the start of the appointment to cancel any or all overnight visits. No credits or refunds will be given if overnights are cancelled after the 7 day notice period from the start of the appointment.

  • Credits given as a result of canceling with required notice will be held on account for 6 months. After 6 months, the credit will no longer be available.


Payment Policy

  • 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting accepts Visa and MasterCard for payment. A card must be kept on file. 

  • Non-Holiday Appointments will be charged 3 days prior to the start of services.

  • Holiday Appointments will be charged 7 days prior to the start of services.

    • If any appointment is extended after the appointment has already begun, the Visa or MasterCard on file will be charged at the time visits are added.

  • A 10% late fee may be added to your invoice for late payments.

  • Credit cards will be charged automatically for future appointments booked, 3 days prior to the start of services.


Surcharge and Extra Fees Policies

  • A last-minute booking surcharge of $10 will apply for all same-day service requests.

  • A holiday surcharge will apply for visits made on the following holidays:  New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

  • Days around major holidays will add a surcharge of $5 per visit. These days will vary from year to year but generally include the heavy travel weekends and days surrounding a major holiday.

  • 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting reserves the right to charge at $25.00 per half hour or any portion thereof, for additional time spent over a 30-minute visit that is necessary for the care of Client’s pet(s) and home.  This includes service and time for the following, but not limited to:  all veterinary trips; pet illness; excessive clean-up resulting from pet incontinence, accidents or frequent vomiting; complications administering medications; obtaining pet food, medication or supplies; wait time for emergency home repair; search for pet(s) that escaped confinement or leash.

  • Client is responsible for all expenses incurred such as purchasing supplies or pet food or veterinary bills accrued in their absence. All additional expenses will be charged to the credit card on file at the end of service.


Access to Home

  • Alarm Policy: I must have the alarm codes, password, and alarm company name and phone number. If I do not have this information in my system, I will not be responsible for any false alarms. Alarms must be in good working condition with no numbers sticking or not working properly.

    • If alarm information is changed at any time, it is the Client’s responsibility to update the information. 

  • Key Policy: I require TWO working keys to your house, NO EXCEPTIONS. Keys must be provided at time of initial meet & greet.  If two copies are not provided, 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting will make a copy of the key and a $10 charge will be charged to the Client.  If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate card, remote or appropriate access codes. We will not access your apartment/condo via a leasing office or by following someone through the gate.

  • NO KEYS will be mailed by regular mail, hidden outside or locked in homes on last visits.  Should keys become unusable, the lock malfunction, Client fails to leave a key or for any other reasons beyond Pet Sitter’s control, 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting have authorization to employ the services of a locksmith to gain entry to a Client’s home on Client’s behalf.  Client will be responsible for all expenses incurred and will reimburse 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting with the credit card on file.

  • Keys will be kept on file for future services. A $15 service charge will be added for keys to be dropped off at the end of services or picked up for subsequent appointments. Or, Clients may drop off and pick up keys at a scheduled time from the Elm St. location.


Inclement Weather

  • Although all reasonable efforts will be made to provide the agreed upon services, inclement weather (e.g., snow or ice), national emergencies, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond our control may delay or prevent Pet Sitter’s visit(s).  In such a case, Client and/or the emergency contact person will be notified so that other arrangements can be made, if necessary.

  • To ensure the safety of our Pet Sitters and of the community, we initiate our Inclement Weather Plan when localities close schools due to potentially dangerous weather conditions. When initiated, we announce our Inclement Weather Plan for that day and specific weather concern on our FaceBook page and via email. During inclement weather situations, our pet sitting service schedules may be altered.

  • Please also note that your sitter is empowered to shorten exercise time during heavy rainfall and lightning and/or thunderstorms or extreme heat.  In such cases, exercise time will be replaced with indoor playtime and TLC.


Client/Pet Information

  • It is a Client’s responsibility to update their client information including emergency contact information and pet details including veterinarian information and feeding instructions in the client portal. 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting will follow these detailed instructions to provide the best care to your pets.


Emergency Care Policy      

  • In the event of pet illness or other medical emergency and specified vet is unavailable, pets will be taken to closest vet or Riverside Animal Hospital.  Client understands and agrees that attempts will be made to contact them in case of emergency and if Client is unreachable, Pet Sitter has permission to authorize any care that the vet deems necessary for pet’s health, safety and survival.  Client agrees to reimburse 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting for any additional fees and all costs relating to vet care during their absence, which may include x-rays, blood work, surgery and/or other expensive procedures.

  • Client also needs to have a credit card on file with their veterinary clinic and make sure the emergency contact is aware they are able to make decisions with the Client’s home and pet care in the Client’s absence.


Other Terms & Conditions​

  • Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting cannot be held responsible for any unusual mishaps (i.e., pet’s refusal to take medication, escaping from the yard, biting, eating or destroying household items, damage to inside/outside of home, personal injury/accidental death).  If Client requests pet(s) to have outside access, Client releases 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting from all liability for loss, injury or death to pet(s).  Client is liable for injury or damage to Third Parties.

  • Client authorizes 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting to take photos of Client’s pet for their file and for business website.  All photos taken are the property of 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting.

  • Visit times are approximate and subject to change based on the needs of all pets under Pet Sitter’s care.  Pet Sitter is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home, in the event of an emergency situation, inclement weather or natural disaster. 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.

  • In the event of injury or illness of your Pet Sitter, or other emergency circumstances where duties are unable to be performed, Client authorizes 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting to arrange for a back-up sitter (Joey) to take over duties as outlined in this agreement. 


Cancellation of Agreement

  • 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time before or during its term if Pet Sitter determines that Client’s pet poses a danger to the health or safety of herself/himself or others.  If concerns prohibit Pet Sitter from caring for pet, Client authorizes pet to be placed in a kennel with all charges to be charged to Client.


3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting agree to provide the services stated in this agreement in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner.  In consideration of these services, the Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of 3DogLazyDay Pet Sitting.

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